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ici à la pleine lune de mars pour vous porter des ali▓ments. Je n’ai trouvé personne, je laiss▓e le riz à l’abri des pierres et je pars.” Traces were also found of fishermen living on the other islands. T

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his magazine also records that there are abundant vegetation, wells providing drinking water, coconut palms, banana trees, papaya trees, pineapples, green vegetables and potatoes as well as poultry on T▓aiping Dao, Zhongye Dao, Nanwei Dao and

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other islands,▓ and that these islands are habitable.17. Japanese literature Bouf▓uu No Shima (Stormy Island) published in 1940 as well as The Asiatic Pilot, Vol. IV, publi▓shed by the United States Hydrographic Office in 1925 also have accounts about Chinese fishermen who lived and worked on Nansha Qundao.18. China ▓is the first to have continuously exe

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rcised authority over▓ Nanhai Zhudao and relevant maritime activities. In history,▓ China has exercised jurisdiction in a continuous, peaceful and effective manner over Nanhai Zhudao and in relevant waters through measures such as establishment of administrative setups, naval pa▓trols,

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resources development, astronomical observation and geographical survey.19. For instance, in the Song Dynasty, China established a post of Jing Lüe An Fu Shi (Imperial Envoy for Management and Pacification) in the regions now known as Guangdon

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children. Five lived on Zhongye Dao (Thitu Island); four lived on Nanwei Dao (Spratly Island), one pe▓rson more over
that of 1930. Th ere were worsh ip stands, thatche d cottages and wells left by the C hinese on Nanyao Dao (Loaita Island). No one was sighted on Taiping D ao (Itu Aba Isl and), but a tablet scripted with Chinese chara cters was found, which said that, in that magazine ’s rendition, &l dquo;Moi, Ti M ung, patron de j onque, suis venu 桦南县5G 垦利县wap 东至县wap 灵石县5G 靖西县wap 广宗县5G 墨江哈尼族自治县wap 东明县wap 内黄县5G 大埔县wap 贵港市5G 淇县wap 依安县5G 忻州市5G 南丹县5G 黎平县wap 婺源县5G 绿春县5G 马鞍山市5G 邻水县5G 飞扬神途传奇私服 99s传奇私服发布网 热血传奇私服新开区网站 传奇私服手游网站 76复古传奇私服网站 手机传奇私服发布网 传奇私服单机架设全教程 新开传奇私服99s win7传奇私服架设教程 新开传奇私服中变